hxScout is a free, cross-platform profiling tool for SWF and Haxe applications that displays profiling information such as timing, memory usage, object allocation, and more.

Look Under the Hood

hxScout helps you identify hot spots in your application as well as any frameworks and libraries you use. This allows you to spend your optimization effort wisely for the highest ROI.

It provides visibility with timing measurements, a sampling profiler, object allocation and collection data, and trace output. It elucidates framework unknowns and coding patterns that cause slow, expensive operations and hidden allocations. This allows you to write tight, highly optimized applications.

Support Development

I'm a regular guy with a family and a start-up job. I work on hxScout to learn about Haxe, and because I enjoy building useful tools. You can support the development of hxScout via my Patreon page.

I would like to thank Level Up Labs, makers of Defender's Quest, for their support.

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